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9 de janeiro de 2018

Oriflame Base & Topcoat

Boa tarde!
A minha escolha de hoje vai para um produto fantástico que é o verniz base e topcoat da gama The One da Oriflame. Ótpima base de verniz e um fabuloso acabamento como topcoat.
Obrigado pela visita! Um excelente 2018 para todos!

*Good afternoon!
My choice of the day goes to a fantastic product which is the Base and Topcoat from The One range by Oriflame. Great nail polish base and a fabulous finish as topcoat.
Thank you for your visit! I wish you all an excellent 2018!

2 comentários:

KarenD disse...

Glad you found something that works for you! I've not had much luck with combined base/top coats but maybe just haven't found the right one.

Akuma Kanji disse...

@ KarenD - Thanks! I was really pleasantly surprised by this product too. I don't buy many 2 in 1 of these but when I do it is usually a good base or a good topper but never both at the same time. This one is just right. Although I think I am about to find a little something about it. My bottle is half way through and it is already getting the thickness we get when there is only a quarter bottle left... not good. There is still plenty to use in half a bottle! Lets see...